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Who I Am

My name is Amanda Hannon. I have been a reborn doll artist for about twenty years. I offer these amazing, life-like baby dolls from preemies to toddlers! Be sure to view my portfolio and follow me on Instagram and Facebook for daily updates. Also, keep checking the website for new dolls. They go quickly and you don't want to miss out!
Amanda Hannon

 Chrysalis collector's dolls are meticulously made with extreme attention to detail, and realism. My heirloom quality dolls appeal to a vast variety of people. It is my hope that my dolls will be passed down from generations to come. I have many happy repeat customers and would love to provide references. Check out the Youtube videos of my babies and their new homes.

 I am a member of the doll artist group ATLAS receiving their badge of honor, a featured artist in New York Times magazine, have been a prototype artist, and have had my dolls used in a number of company advertisements.

   One-of-a-Kind Dolls

Every Chrysalis Meadows Doll is unique, starting with a blank limited edition vinyl kit. Each kit is a clean, blank canvas and is painted by hand using permanent Genesis oil paints that will withstand the test of time. With every paint stroke, my vision creates a baby into it's own individual work of art. When a baby is completed and available for sale, do not miss the opportunity to adopt because there will never be another one just like it made again.

   Therapeutic Benefits

Not only are these babies appealing to collectors, they also serve as therapy to many different people. Holding a baby is one of the most peaceful feelings and I have personally witnessed many times how they help with anxiety, loneliness and loss. They are currently being utilized in schools, nursing homes and hospitals. I also have several autistic clients. Reborns have a life improving impact on people and often serve as a specific niche benefit.

   Box Openings

The presentation of my dolls is like a baby shower and birthday party in a box! Your baby will be carefully and thoughtfully wrapped with care and will be packed with many lovely items to make the experience special and exciting. The new family addition comes from a non-smoking nursery and will come home to you smelling as sweet as a baby should.


Every doll comes with a personalized birth certificate, documentation of authenticity signd by me and a full care instruction packet. Expectant parents will also be excited to know that their precious little bundles now come with professional full color portraits to begin their collection of memories.

What The Babies Are Doing...

reborn doll ben it is a boy video Ben adopted by Rae Starring in "It's a Boy"
reborn doll ben a day out video Ben adopted by Rae Starring in "A Day Out"
reborn doll maizie box opening video Maizie adopted by Evonne Starring in "Reborn Box Opening"
reborn doll maizie arrival thoughts video Maizie adopted by Evonne Starring in "Arrival Thoughts"
reborn doll minette morning routine video Minette adopted by Tori Starring in "Morning Routine"
reborn doll minette & Finley set of twins first photoshoot video Finley & Minette adopted by Tori Starring in "Twins First Photoshoot"

What I Do

I work hard to provide a number of specialty services for the reborn doll community.

In the last twenty years of doll making I have been perfecting my own techniques and with each doll I discover new ways of bringing them to life.

Well known specialty! Ethnic painted dolls take more time to meticulously create the additional layers of color and shading required to achieve a variety of diverse skin tones. One of my favorite goals has always been to offer dolls to a world of collectors who are wanting to build a diverse array of reborns. I often have clients send me their own baby pictures and I am able to use these methods to match their specific coloration, hair style and birth marks. A great example is the Saskia Triplets in the portfolio section.

Beautiful baby locks! I have heard from collectors and other reborn artists that dolls with painted hair are highly desirable and a growing trend since they are easier to maintain and often more realistic. I pride myself by creating painted hair that surely fools the eye with a wide variety of hair styles. Each painted hair style gives every baby it's own unique personality without the fuss and fragility that rooted hair presents. With regular attention, rooted hair is also a great decision and an amazing look.

Dream baby vision! There are two types of reborn dolls that I offer. Those made by my own inspirations and those inspired by my clients. Dolls inspired by me are frequently availible on this website under the pricing section. If you are one of my many clients that would love for me to create a custom doll for you then let me know! You can text/email/call me under the ordering section. We can discuss your dream baby vision and completion timeframe, along with cost and payment plan.

Only the best! All of my dolls are brought to life with Genesis heat set oil paints using numerous layers to create vivid, extreme depth. They are also matte varnished to protect them through generations of time. From the premium hand-made German glass eyes, authentic angora mohair, fine glass beads and angel silk filling, to the expertly waited premium cloth bodies, every element is carefully selected to be of the highest quality available.

No cut corners! From the tops of their heads to the tips of their toes not a single nuance is missed. Years of study in the process of using ultra thin layering teqniques create the sotly featured undertones, overtones, veins and cappilaries that subtlety appear under real skin. The blushing, blemishes, finely painted eyebrows, naturally colored lips, trimmed finger and toenails are painstakingly painted on every one of my dolls.

Always on my mind! I offer excellent customer service by keeping close contact with my clients throughout the entire process, answering all questions quickly and sending progress pictures. I like to let each client know how special their doll is to me and how important they are as well. Without my many wonderful clients I have no babies to bring to life and no business - that is never forgotten and why you are my top priority.

20 Years in the Works

Here are some of my favorite projects from over the years. Hope you enjoy!

You can see additional portfolio pictures and specific reborn details by clicking any picture.


The Amazing Maizie

Photo Gallery

Maizie is a 22" baby with painted hair and an amazing smile.


The Terrific Toddler

Photo Gallery

Tori is a 26" Toddler with rooted hair and lots of personality!

Finley & Minette

The Precious Twins

Photo Gallery

Set of 18" twin babies - featured in the video section


The Lady Killer

Photo Gallery

Ben is a 22" baldie Saskia featured in the video section.


The Twinkle Eyed boy

Photo Gallery

Landon is 22" with painted hair, deep stare and featured in the video section.


The Gorgeous Chocolate Drop

Photo Gallery

Evelyn is a 22" sweetly sleeping cutie pie!


The Little Ray of Sunshine Girl

Photo Gallery

Abigail is 21" with painted hair and beatiful blue eyes


The Sleeping Angel

Photo Gallery

Jo is a 23" sleeping angel with painted hair.


The Peaceful Olivia

Photo Gallery

Olivia is a 18" baby with painted hair and a quiet peaceful nature.


Greta The Darling

Photo Gallery

Greta is a 22" hazel eyed darling with rooted hair.


The Charmer

Photo Gallery

Marcus is a 21" baby with port wine stains and painted hair.


Tony the Tiger

Photo Gallery

Tony is a 22" Saskia with painted hair and a playful nature.


The Joyful Sweetheart

Photo Gallery

Carly is a 26" Toddler with rooted hair and joyful smile.


The Spunky Darling

Photo Gallery

Macy is a 22" baby with painted hair and all day spunkyness!


The Quiet Soul

Photo Gallery

Levi is a 19" newborn with rooted hair and a quiet soul.


Tendor Moments & Sweet Kisses

Photo Gallery

Skya is a 20" realborn cuddle baby who is a sweet as can be.


The Happy Dreamer

Photo Gallery

Owen is a 19" newborn with rooted hair and happy dreams.


The Flying Angel

Photo Gallery

India is a 22" Saskia with rooted hair and an angelic heart!


The Pretty Princess

Photo Gallery

Akina is a 19" newborn with rooted hair and exquisite taste.

Saskia Triplets

The Three Friends

Photo Gallery

Saskias are 22" babies that have a world of possibilites.

Summer Rain

The Golden Child

Photo Gallery

Summer Rain is a 19" newborn with painted hair, tummy plater and is a ray of sunshine.


The Serene Sweety

Photo Gallery

Serenity is a 21" newborn with rooted hair, tummy plate and calm demeanor!


The Gorgious Bundle

Photo Gallery

Gertie is a 22" newborn with painted hair, tummy plate and is a rare kit.


The Chubby Chubster

Photo Gallery

Joseph is a 23" newborn with painted hair, tummy plate and loves his bottle.


The Sleeping Goddess

Photo Gallery

Evie is a 22" newborn with Rooted hair, and is a sleeping goddess for sure!


Loves His Toys

Photo Gallery

Reese is a 20" newborn with painted hair and loves sleeping with his toys.


The Little Charmer

Photo Gallery

Madi is a 22" newborn Saskia with painted hair and charming personality.


Pretty in Pink

Photo Gallery

Darla is a 19" newborn with painted hair and light features.

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Most prices already include shipping and a Sleepy Time Accessory Pack (pictured below Custom Reborn Adoption & Specialty Fees).

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Reserving your new baby is easy, requiring a non-refundable $150 deposit and contacting me to finalize your purchase. Most of my clients text or email when they are ready.

Custom Reborn Adoption & Specialty Fees:

Reborn baby head shot showing hair painting

Hair Painting
Starting @ $145

Cuddle baby quietly sleeping

Cuddle Baby
Starting @ $495

newborn preemie

Preemie 16"-18"
Starting @ $695

Sleeping angelic newborn reborn baby

Newborn 19"-24"
Starting @ $695

girl toddler in red dress sitting and playing with toys.

Toddler 25"-30"
Starting @ $995

Reborn baby showing full body vinyl kit

Full Body Baby
Starting @ $1195

Reborn doll wearing a headband, bracelet, tutu and footless sandles

Fancy Accessorie Kits
Starting @ $50

Reborn rare kit showing a Maizie kit smiling at camera.

Rare & Specialty Kits
Starting @ $995

Newborn shown with Sleepy Time Accessory Pack:

Plus a few surprise gifts always included with every adoption!

nighttime accessorie pack
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